At Florida Business Capital we specialize in providing accessible invoice factoring financing to businesses operating in Florida. We are a local company offering reliable funding, local expertise, and the most transparent and professional invoice factoring service in the state.

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Factoring Essentials

What you need to know.

An invoice transaction occurs when a business sells some or all of its outstanding receivables to a factoring company. In return, the factoring company immediately advances cash (about 75-95% of the invoice value) to the business.

When the customer pays off the invoice, the factoring company pays the remainder of the value of the invoice, minus service fees.

You get to decide which invoices you'd like to factor. You get decide how you'll spend the cash advance, without worrying about interest payments!

Florida Locations We Serve:

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We understand the needs of small business owners. When a traditional bank loan is NOT an option, many B2B companies turn to us for the cash flow they need.

We provide funding within 24 hours after verification.

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Florida Business Capital is Florida’s premiere invoice factoring company. We provide financial solutions when businesses need immediate working capital.

Our clients know…

We know the Florida economy well. We understand the burden placed on small businesses, and the difficulty of obtaining bank loans.

Obtaining a traditional bank loan is difficult, often because of poor credit history. We are far more concerned, however, with the credit history of your customers.

Our relationship managers are extremely knowledgeable and dedicated to helping you access working capital.

Our staff is trained to monitor the creditworthiness of your customers. Furthermore, we go out of our way to avoid unnecessary contact with them.

Our factoring fees are reasonable, especially when compared with other short-term loan options!

We work with a large variety of B2B companies. In most cases, we have a factoring solution for you!

Karen Miller

owner of medical staffing company in Tampa

"When I started my healthcare staffing business, I was constantly struggling with cash flow. Even as I acquired more customers, I always seemed to be lacking working capital. Luckily, I found Florida Business Capital! They quickly advanced me the cash I needed to keep my company afloat."

Steven O'Connell

CEO of trucking company in Jacksonville

"As a small business owner, I could not get a regular bank loan. After a few bad experiences with online lending companies, I discovered that factoring made the most sense financially. It actually saved my company. The folks at Florida Business Capital were pleasant to work with and very accessible."

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