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Invoice Factoring Florida - Invoice Factoring Services

Do you need to improve your cash flow soon? Forget about dealing with your bank’s red tape. Factor your invoices with us and get peace of mind right away!

Regardless of your current financial condition, personal credit history, or time in business, you can quickly and easily access your money tied up in unpaid invoices within 24 hours through invoice factoring.

Invoice Factoring Florida – We make it Accessible!

Florida Invoice Factoring

Invoice Factoring Requirements

Your company’s credit story or financial condition does not matter! There are just a few requirements to access invoice factoring services:

Your company provides services or deliver goods to other companies.

You invoice your customers on terms (30 to 90 days).

Your company’s customers are creditworthy.

How does invoice factoring work?

Upon completion of services or delivery of goods you will invoice your customers as normal.

Based on your cash flow needs, you’ll determine what customers to set-up and what invoices to submit to Florida Business Capital.

Once you are ready to receive funding, you just need to send us a copy of your invoices along with any supporting documents.

Within 24 hours of verification, we will advance you up to 92% of the gross amount of the invoices.

When the invoices are due we collect the payment and wire you the invoice balance minus our invoice factoring fee.

Factoring Invoices with Florida Business Capital

There are many good reasons for you to choose Florida Business Capital as your invoice factoring company. We are a Floridian company that truly understands the cash flow needs of Florida businesses.

Our experienced team members have been solving Florida businesses’ cash flow needs for more than 15 years.

Our invoice factoring rates begin at 0.51%. We fund up to 92% of the invoice value.

We offer same day factoring application approvals. We’ll set-up your company’s account in just 3 days.

Our customers and prospects have direct access to our managers and get answers right away.

We serve a wide variety of industries in Florida.

We offer flexible and accessible invoice factoring programs in Florida. Contact us today for more information.

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