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Jacksonville Factoring

As Florida’s largest city and one of our country’s most important transportation hubs, Jacksonville represents a large portion of our customers of various businesses in the area. Here at Florida Business Capital, we specialize in providing financial solutions for a large variety of B2B industries in the Jacksonville area.

Our Jacksonville factoring rates begin at 0.51%.

We will provide your first funding within 3 days of application approval.

You will get consecutive funding within 24 hours of invoice submission.

You will deal directly with a decision maker.

You will get a dedicated relationship manager to manage your account.

Why choose factoring?

New to invoice factoring? For a more general introduction, please read our guide to factoring. The process is quite simple. We purchase your unpaid invoices, so that you can receive cash now rather than waiting for your customers to pay. Depending on your customer concentration, average invoice collection period, and volume of invoices you plan to factor, we offer advances in the range of 75-95%. You are then free to use the cash as you please. When the invoice is paid, we simply pay you the remainder minus our fees.

Invoice Factoring

A Simple Guide for Beginners

Are you a good candidate?

Perhaps your credit history or short time in business prevents you from getting a traditional bank loan? Perhaps you need a cash boost ASAP? We can help you access funding without the hassle of borrowing from banks, private investors, friends or families.

Some Industries We Serve


Manufacturing is crucial to the Jacksonville economy. Whether your product is medical devices, soft drinks or building material, you need working capital to keep the business strong and growing. We understand you just want to focus on offering your customers the best products, but unfortunately the weight of payroll and other cost issues get in the way. Receivables factoring may be the best solution, as it can ease that burden and let you focus on what you do best. We purchase your invoices and monitor the creditworthiness of your customers in order to guarantee you will get paid. Our relationship managers are trained to manage your invoices in an unobtrusive yet responsible manner.

Plastics and Metals

Plastic and Aluminum (and other metals) suppliers often face long payment periods by B2B customers who may also be having funding issues. We specialize in providing immediate cash solutions while relieving businesses from having to worry about their customers paying on time. We advance you the cash for your accounts receivable and manage the payment from your debtors in a sensitive yet effective way.


Strategically located, Jacksonville is a big player in the transportation industry. With military personnel, aviation-related students and thousands of people going through it's airport daily, it's no wonder there's so much room for growth. Expansion, of course, comes along with expensive equipment and payroll that business owners may not be able to fund. That's where we can step in. Invoice factoring creates the ability cover these costs of growth without accumulating debt. We simply purchase your invoices so that you can use the cash to grow your business immediately.


We know Jacksonville takes pride in its crops, especially tobacco. The problem is, retail businesses are often late on payments to distributors. If you don't get paid quickly enough, you can't afford your own business's expenses. We can help by purchasing your invoices so that you can have access to working capital immediately.

Our invoice factoring service will provide you cash when you need it the most, allowing your company to continue its operations, without facing working capital problems.
Despite of your current financial situation, credit history, or time in business, you can easily access your funds tied up in unpaid invoices within 24 hours without the usual red tape associated with bank financing. The process is simple, transparent, fast and easy.


Whether you’re in the field of healthcare, transportation, manufacturing, farming, distribution, construction, staffing, etc., our relationship managers are eager to help you maintain the working capital necessary to keep your business running comfortably with room for growth. We can help you keep afloat while covering payroll, expenses, and supplier demands. Whether you’re a small or large company, we can provide 24-hour funding after a simple application process.

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