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Miami Factoring

As Florida’s largest county and international culture hub, Miami-Dade contributes to a large portion of our customer base. Here at Florida Business Capital, we work with your B2B company in order to help you meet your needs. We specialize in providing cash flow solutions to important industries in the Miami-Dade area.

Miami factoring rates beginning at 0.51%

Account set-up and funding within 3 days of approval.

Simple application. Flexible agreements.

No minimum balance required.

Why choose factoring?

If this is your first time looking into factoring, please read through our simple yet comprehensive guide. Essentially, we buy your slow-to-pay invoices so that you can have the cash in hand now. Generally we offer cash advances in the range of 75-95% based on volume, customer concentration, and other variables determined by our relationship managers. Once your customer pays the invoice, we forward you the rest of the cash aside from our fees.

Invoice Factoring

A Simple Guide for Beginners

Are you a good candidate?

Having trouble getting a bank loan due to lack of credit history or other financial issues? We provide an alternative source of cash without the inconvenience of wait time and interest payments associated with other forms of borrowing.

Industries We Serve

Textiles & Apparel

We recognize that Miami is home to several international textiles and apparel companies. With headquarters and manufacturing plants located in different countries, businesses may have difficulty getting a loan from domestic banks. Therefore invoice factoring may be the perfect solution for these types of companies, in need of immediate cash flow to grow and sustain a business. We base our decision to offer funding to textiles and apparel companies on the quality and quantity of invoice sales.

Medical Staffing

If you run a medical staffing company, you most likely have a large payroll to meet the demands of healthcare in the Miami-Dade area. We understand you just want to focus on offering your clients quality healthcare, but unfortunately the burden of payroll and other funding issues get in your way. Receivables factoring may be the best fix, as it can lift that burden and allow you to focus on what you do best. We not only purchase your invoices, but monitor the creditworthiness of your customers in order to guarantee you’ll be paid. Our relationship managers are trained to manage your invoices in an unobstrusive yet responsible manner.

Plastics and Metals

Plastic and Aluminum (and other metals) suppliers often face long payment periods by B2B customers who may also be having funding issues. We specialize in providing immediate cash solutions while relieving businesses from having to worry about their customers paying on time. We advance you the cash for your accounts receivable and manage the payment from your debtors in a sensitive yet effective way.


As one of the most populated metropolitan areas in the US, Miami-Dade hosts many transportation equipment companies to service the large demand for various modes of transportation in the area. It is only natural for business owner to want to expand and take more customers. That, of course, comes with great costs for equipment and payroll that business owners may not be able to pay. Ironically, the more you grow, the more you are hindered by funding issues. Invoice factoring creates the ability cover these expansion costs without accumulating debt. We simply purchase your invoices so that you can focus on growing your business without worrying about your customers paying their invoices. Miami factoring can transport your company to the next level.


With a tropical climate and year-round growing season, Miami-Dade offers a large variety of crops. Naturally, many agriculture companies compete to grow and distribute Florida’s finest. The unfortunate truth, however, is that customers don’t always pay on time. Perhaps your customer is a retail business with poor sales. If they can’t pay you for that last shipment of oranges, your business suffers. This is where we can help. We purchase your invoices so that you can use the cash from invoices immediately, rather than waiting for customers to pay.


Electronics manufacturers in Miami-Dade face a dilemma. Trends are constantly shifting and new business demands spring up unexpectedly. In order to keep up, business owners need cash to adjust to these demands with new development and new products. Unfortunately small and/or new businesses don’t always have the cash and they don’t have the credit history necessary to get a traditional bank loan. In this case, invoice factoring is the best option. We provide immediate cash flow so that electronics companies can keep up with the madness. Another issue with small manufacturing companies is that sudden large customer acquisition can put a strain on payroll and production finances. Accounts receivable factoring allows you access cash from previous sales, which you can put towards future sales!

We offer solutions to a wide range of B2B companies in need of immediate cash flow. Many of our clients are in Textiles & Apparel, Medical, Plastics & Metals, Transportation, Farming, Electronic Manufacturing, Shipping, etc. Nonetheless, we are prepared to help almost any B2B business, large or small, in need of fast funding. Whether you’re having trouble paying staff or keeping up with other expenses, you can receive Miami factoring services in order to obtain the funds you need.


At Florida Business Capital we take the necessary time to understand your business and financing needs and work on providing suitable factoring services for your company.

Call us at 1-855-424-2956 to discuss how Miami factoring can suit your business needs.

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