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No longer is Orlando merely a tourist destination. With increasing investments, emerging industries, and low unemployment, Orlando is becoming Florida’s economic powerhouse. With growth, of course, comes cost. Here at Florida Business Capital, we pride ourselves on offering factoring solutions that fit a need. We work with many B2B companies in the Orlando area who need a cash boost in order to grow and maintain their businesses.

Orlando factoring rates from 0.51%.

Up to 92% cash advances.

Quick and easy application. Fast set-up and funding.

High quality service. Professional, experienced and courteous staff.

We serve a wide variety of industries in Florida

Why choose factoring?

If you’re a novice to the world of invoice factoring, please check out our guide for the newbie. In a nutshell, we purchase your accounts receivable so that you don’t have to wait for your slow-paying customers. Instead, you get the money immediately so that you can pay for all the pressing demands of your business as necessary. Based on your average invoice collection period, volume you plan to factor, and invoices per customer, we typically offer an advance somewhere between 75-95%. You can use that money as your situation demands, and we’ll give you the remaining cash minus our fees when the invoice is paid by your customer.

Invoice Factoring

A Simple Guide for Beginners

Are you a good candidate?

If credit problems or other financial issues are hindering you from getting a traditional bank loan, we can provide you with another option without barriers or long waiting periods. We understand you need working capital for immediate demands of your business.

Some Industries We Serve

Medical Staffing

If you own a medical staffing business, you most likely have a large staff to meet the demands of healthcare in the Orlando area. We know you'd prefer to simply focus on providing quality healthcare, but sadly the burden of payroll and other financial problems get in way. Invoice factoring may be the best solution, as it can relieve the burden and allow you to concentrate on helping clients. We not only purchase your invoices, but evaluate the creditworthiness of your customers in order to ensure that you’ll get paid. Our support team is trained to manage your invoices in an unobtrusive yet diligent manner.

Plastics and Metals

Plastic and Aluminum (and other metals) suppliers in Orlando often face long payment periods by B2B customers who may also be having funding issues. We specialize in Orlando factoring, providing immediate cash solutions while relieving businesses from having to worry about their customers paying on time. We advance you the cash for your accounts receivable and manage the payment from your debtors in a sensitive yet effective way.

Processed Food Manufacturing

Orlando is home to several processed food manufacturing companies that distribute to retailers around the country. Clearly many businesses rely on these Orange County businesses. The sad truth, however, is that customers don’t always pay on time. As a result, your business suffers. This is where we can provide the quick funding you need. We purchase your invoices so that you can use the cash from invoices immediately, rather than wait for customers to pay.


Electronics manufacturers in Orlando are booming. Computers, medical devices and other high technology are now being produced in Orange County, drawing a large work force and opportunities for growth. In order to sustain this growth, business owners need working capital to meet the demands. However smaller businesses don’t always have the cash and they don’t have the credit history needed to get a traditional bank loan. In this case, invoice factoring is a great option. We provide immediate cash flow so that electronics companies can keep up with rapid change.

Some of the many industries we work with include Aviation, Information Technology, Agriculture, Plastics & Metals, and Electronics Manufacturing. Nonetheless we’re eager to offer our services to any B2B company that has a cash flow problem and wants a solution. We assist companies of all sizes in maintaining and expanding their businesses. As we acknowledge that time is of the essence, we provide 24-hour funding after our quick application procedure.


We are a Florida factoring team that has assisted many successful businesses with their cash flow management and working capital needs.


Over the years we have helped companies selling to other companies on terms by offering tailored financing solutions, to improve the business position and provide peace of mind to the business owners.

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