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Panama City Factoring

Beyond the white sandy shores of Panama City lies a city with tremendous growth potential. With a growing population, new businesses and an improving housing market, Panama City is ripe for investment and expansion. Nonetheless in order to grow, businesses need working capital. We provide immediate factoring solutions to businesses all across Panama City and Bay County.

Panama City factoring company.

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Up to 95% advances.

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Why choose factoring?


If you are just approaching invoice factoring for the first time, please browse through our beginner’s guide. We’ll buy your accounts receivables,  advance you 75-95% of the value of your invoices and give you back the remainder, minus our fees, when your customer pays the invoice. This allows you to use the cash now that’s owed to you later.

Invoice Factoring

A Simple Guide for Beginners

Are you a good candidate?

Many business have trouble getting traditional bank loans because of credit or financial problems. Moreover, many companies that need immediate cash cannot afford to wait for the lengthy approval process. That’s when they turn to us for a much quicker cash boost and less stringent application requirements.

Some Industries We Serve

Textiles & Apparel

Panama City hosts several textiles and apparel manufacturing businesses. As a B2B company, however, retailers who purchase these products don't always pay their invoices right away. Therefore accounts receivable factoring may be the perfect solution for these types of companies, in need of immediate working capital to grow and sustain a business.


As a business owner in the field of healthcare, you most likely have a large payroll to meet the needs of the Bay County area. You just want to focus on offering your clients great healthcare services, but the burden of payroll and other funding issues get in the way. Receivables factoring might be the solution for your temporary business problems. We not only purchase your invoices, but monitor the creditworthiness of your customers in order to guarantee you’ll be paid.


Transportation businesses like trucking companies do well in Panama City, but it is only natural for business owners to want to grow and take more customers. That, of course, requires cash flow for equipment and staff. Ironically, the more you grow, the more you are hindered by funding issues. Invoice factoring you to cover these expansion costs without adding debt. We purchase your accounts receivable so that you can grow your business without worrying about your customers paying their invoices.


With a growing population and economy, construction companies in Panama City are in demand more than ever. As a B2B business, your customers are also a business and may not always be able to pay on time. Unfortunately the construction business requires constant cash flow to keep up with payroll and constant changes and developments. Invoice factoring provides a solution to construction companies who need immediate funding.

Some of the industries we service in Bay County include shipping, construction, manufacturing and health care. However, we’re open to providing cash flow for a large variety of B2B companies.


If your company is unable to obtain bank financing but generates quality accounts receivables, invoice factoring can be an ideal tool to solve your day-to-day working capital needs.

Whether your business seeks to enhance cash flow, shed credit risk or seize new sales opportunities, we have the solutions to make your objectives a reality. We take pride in understanding the needs of our clients and working with them to meet their goals. We get deals done.


Call us at 1-855-424-2956 to get started with Panama City factoring.

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