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Pensacola Factoring

With an improving economy and strong projected growth, Pensacola is bringing businesses and jobs to the panhandle. With all of the growth and investment in the area, it’s crucial that companies have safety nets in times of poor sales, limited cash flow and other difficult circumstances. That’s where we can help. We’re a factoring company specializing in providing quick funding to businesses in need.

We are a local Pensacola factoring company with more than 15 years of experience financing businesses throughout Florida.

We offer competitive rates, timely funding, and high advances.

We make the application process simple. We approve deals within hours and customize our agreements to fit your company’s individual needs.

Why choose factoring?

If you’re just starting out with factoring, we recommend that read through our guide to invoice factoring below. Essentially we buy your accounts receivable, advance you about 75-95% of their value, and when they’re paid, we’ll pay you the remainder minus our fees. It’s simple process that provides you with funding when you need it. Furthermore, you can use the money as you please without worrying about scheduled interest payments.

Invoice Factoring

A Simple Guide for Beginners

Are you a good candidate?

Perhaps you’ve considered applying for a traditional bank loan, only to find out you don’t have the necessary credit history. Or maybe you simply need cash as soon as possible, and can’t wait for the long approval process. Small and medium sized companies often face dilemmas like these. Fortunately there’s another option: invoice factoring. Rather than waiting for months for your customers to pay, you can sell us your invoices and get access to the cash immediately.

Some Industries We Serve


If you run a staffing company, you probably have a large payroll to meet the demands of industries like healthcare in the Pensacola area. As with any B2B partnership, sometimes your customers don't pay in a timely manner. Invoice factoring may be the best fix, as it can relieve that burden and allow you to focus on what you do best. We not only purchase your invoices, but monitor the creditworthiness of your customers in order to guarantee you’ll be paid.


In Escambia County, manufacturing businesses have experienced success and growth over the past several years. Industries like aviation have really taken off, putting Pensacola on the map as a serious player in the field. Nonetheless, every B2B company occasionally struggles when customers don't pay in time. Cash flow is key to a successful manufacturing company if it hopes to survive and prosper. Invoice factoring is a great solution for businesses in need of immediate funding.


Good, reputable construction companies are in high demand in Pensacola. As a B2B business, your customers are also running businesses and aren't always able to pay on time. The construction business requires constant working capital to maintain payroll and keep up with constant changes and developments. Accounts receivable factoring provides a solution to construction companies who need immediate funding.

Processed Food

Pensacola is home to several processed food manufacturing companies that distribute to retailers around the country. Clearly many businesses rely on these Escambia County businesses. The sad truth, however, is that customers don’t always pay on time. As a result, your business suffers. This is where we can provide the quick funding you need. We purchase your invoices so that you can use the cash from invoices immediately, rather than wait for customers to pay.

We offer accounts receivables factoring services to many B2B companies in need of working capital. Some of our most frequent clients are in the industries of aviation manufacturing, staffing, manufacturing and agriculture. Regardless of your field of business, we’ll review your application and do our best to get you the cash flow you need.

Call us at 1-855-424-2956 for your Pensacola factoring solution.

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