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St. Petersburg Factoring

We understand St. Petersburg isn’t only known for some of the world’s best beaches. With a strong economy and new industries developing in the area, St. Pete represents an important contributor of Florida’s recent growth. Here at Florida Business Capital, we strive to help B2B companies grow their businesses. We tailor our services to your company’s needs.

We are a St. Petersburg factoring company with extensive experience financing Florida businesses.

We offer competitive St. Petersburg factoring rates.

We make factoring accessible and simple.

We provide fast funding. We’ll typically advance the cash you need within 24 hours of invoice submission.

We offer first class customer service and direct access to decision makers.

Why choose factoring?

If you’d like a primer on accounts receivable factoring, feel free to have a look at our step by step summary. After you fill out our simple application, our relationship managers will evaluate your invoices and customer concentration to determine your advance eligibility. Normally, we can offer cash advances of 75-95% of your invoices. Then, after your customer pays the invoice, we’ll pay you the rest of it, minus our fees.

Invoice Factoring

A Simple Guide for Beginners

Are you a good candidate?

If your business cannot obtain bank financing but brings in a steady stream of quality accounts receivable, we may be a viable solution to your funding problems. Our application process is much simpler, and involves less paperwork and waiting time.

Some Industries We Serve


Electronics manufacturers in Florida are doing well, but they must always be up to speed. Trends are constantly changing and new business demands come up without notice. In order to keep pace, business owners need working capital to adapt to these needs with new development and products. Sadly small and/or new businesses don’t always have the cash and credit issues get in the way of a traditional bank loan. In this case, accounts receivable factoring is the best solution. We provide immediate funding so that electronics manufacturers can keep up with the trends.

Medical Staffing

If you own a medical staffing company, you probably have a large staff to meet the needs of healthcare in the St. Petersburg area. We understand you just want to concentrate on offering your clients great healthcare, but unfortunately the burden of payroll and other financial issues get in your way. Invoice factoring may be the best fix, as it can lift that burden and allow you to focus on what you do best. We not only purchase your invoices, but monitor the creditworthiness of your customers in order to guarantee you’ll be paid. Our relationship managers are trained to manage your invoices in an unobtrusive yet responsible manner.


Part of the large Tampa metropolitan area, St. Petes hosts many transportation companies to meet the large demand for different modes of transportation in the area. Maintaining payroll and equipment, along with expansion, comes with great costs. The more customers you acquire, the more you are burdened with funding issues. Accounts receivable factoring creates the ability cover these costs without accumulating debt. We simply purchase your invoices so that you can focus on growing your business without worrying about your customers paying their invoices.


St. Pete's, with its ideal climate for crop growing, offers a nice array of produce. Of course, many farming companies compete to grow and distribute Florida’s finest, and customers don’t always pay on time. If they can’t pay you for that last shipment, your business suffers. This is where we can offer help. We purchase your invoices so that you can get cash flow from invoices immediately, rather than waiting for customers to pay.

While St. Pete hosts a large array of B2B industries, some of the major companies we assist are in the fields of Electronics Manufacturing, Industrial & Commercial Machinery, Plastics, Sensors & Lasers, Medical Devices and Pharmaceuticals.

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