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Tallahassee Factoring

As Florida’s state capital, Tallahassee has endured as one of the most important economic areas in the south. Despite the city’s stability and low unemployment, most companies experience growing pains or temporary setbacks from time to time. When this happens, it’s comforting to know someone has your back. Here at Florida Business Capital, we provide immediate cash flow to businesses in and around Tallahassee when things get rough.

Tallahassee factoring approvals in hours.

Easy invoice factoring application.

Account set-up in 3 to 5 days.

Factoring rates from 0.51%. High advances. Fast funding.

No invoice minimums.

Why choose factoring?

New to accounts receivable factoring? For a more general introduction, please read our primer on factoring. We simply purchase your unpaid invoices, so that you can receive cash now rather than waiting for your customers to pay. Depending on your customer concentration, average invoice collection period, and volume of invoices you want to factor, we offer advances of 75-95% of the invoice. Thereafter you can use funds as you please. When the invoice is paid, we simply pay you the remainder minus our fees.

Invoice Factoring

A Simple Guide for Beginners

Are you a good candidate?

Does your credit history or short business duration prevent you from getting a traditional bank loan? We can help you get funding without the ordeal of borrowing from banks, private investors, friends or families.

Some Industries We Serve


Lumber, a key industry in Tallahassee, is a heavy influence on the economy of Leon county. With so many other industries, like construction and printing, relying Tallahassee's lumber production, it's no wonder that suppliers often suffer from cash flow problems. As a B2B company with many clients, you may find that invoices are not being paid timely enough. That's where we at Florida Business Capital can help. We purchase your accounts receivables so you have working capital now.


Tallahassee's trucking companies may have many clients, but unfortunately these clients don't always pay soon enough. This creates cash flow problems, which get in the way of maintaining payroll and equipment. Our relationship managers are eager to help you get the immediate funding you need to support growth and sustainability.


Tallahassee offers a large variety of crops. Naturally, many agriculture companies compete to grow and distribute Florida’s finest. The unfortunate truth, however, is that customers don’t always pay on time. Perhaps your customer is a retail business with poor sales. If they can’t pay you for that last shipment of oranges, your business suffers. This is where we can help. We purchase your invoices so that you can use the cash from invoices immediately, rather than waiting for customers to pay.


As Florida's capital, Tallahassee has many government agencies that could benefit from factoring when invoices are slow to be paid. Give us a call at Florida Business Capital. Our support team is ready to help you obtain the immediate working capital you need.

While we’re eager to provide relief to any B2B company in need, some of our most frequent clients are in the fields of lumber, food processing, printing & publishing and agriculture. Companies of all sizes can count on us for immediate funding.

Call us at 1-855-424-2956 for your Tallahassee factoring solution.

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